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Rich Cars
Doc can't tell a Bentley from a Chrysler.

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Rich Cars . . .

            I was out walking the dog when I passed in front of the local neighborhood mansion. Most of the people on my block work for a living. But, the guy with a double lot at the end of the street seems to have cracked his egg and is living the high life. We don't know him. He is too good for the rest of us on the street. We just refer to him as I. M. Rich.

The 2006 Chrysler Magnum

The Bentley Continental
            Mr. I.M Rich was outside in the driveway waxing his latest acquisition, a brand new car. Mr. Rich looked up from his work as I passed. "Hey", he called, "What do you think of my new ride?"

            I stopped to admire the shiny new vehicle.

            (Try to say something nice)

           "She sure is pretty! What is that - the new Chrysler?"

           Mr. Rich scowled, "Chrysler, my butt! I'll have you know that this is a Bentley Continental."

            (Oops! Now I've done it! Damage Control! Try to save face! )

            I apologized, "Sorry! I thought it was a Chrysler."

           Mr. Rich sneered with distain, "SON, I just paid three hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars for this car. You can be sure . . . SON . . . that this vehicle is DEFINITELY NOT a Chrysler!"

            (SON huh? Ok! No more nice guy! Off with the gloves! )

           I smiled politely, "Three hundred and eighty-five thousand ! WOW! That's a lot of money to pay for a replica Chrysler - a 'wannabe' Chrysler !"

            Mr. Rich roared, "A 'WANNABE' Chrysler ? This is an exquisite handmade automobile. Chrysler probably copied the design."

            (He He! Go for it!)

            I shook my head, "No, Bentley probably copied the Chrysler design. A Bentley has always looked like a Rolls without the chrome. That's why they call it 'The poor man's Rolls' ! "


            Well, that did it. That was the last time Mr. I. M. Rich ever talked to me. Nowadays, he even refuses to look at me.

           I'm sorry, Mr. Rich, but I still say the new Bentley looks just like a Chrysler . . . And don't call me SON.



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